51 mins and 41 secs

May 16, 2019

Some months ago I decided to run an experiment:

move from an almost nomadic life and remote job to live in one place and commute every day to the office.

After ~3 months one of the main differences I have noticed between working remotely (whether home office or remote) and going every day to the office is the feeling of owning your time.

Your time is constantly stolen by commuting, inefficiencies, time with colleagues, lunches and meetings.

Although I work more or less the same hours I feel having much less time and energy for me.

51 minutes and 41 seconds is the time it takes me to go from my apartment’s door to my office’s door.

1 hour and 44 minutes every day, 8 hours and 40 minutes every week are lost.

I have never thought about it in this way but it looks like a compounding debt... that is increasing every day.

Yep... so far commuting has not been something that I enjoy.

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