No country for young men

May 05, 2014

Marcello dell'Utri and Silvio Berlusconi

Do you see the graph above? It's how much Italy will have to pay to somebody (130% of its GDP) and how many young italians are not working.

Our big problem

I like to say that if you are a retired person, with a good month cheque, Italy will be a perfect country for you.

Beatiful place, awesome foods, we have mountains, lakes, sea, hills. And the cost of living isn't too high.

But, if you are under the 30, well...Italy is not the right country for you.

We have a unemployement rate near 40% for people between 15-24, a jobs law that protect people who don't want to work rather than people who want to work.

And if you want to be an entrepreneur the things is even worse.

We have a fiscal policy that prefers medium and large companies, rather than startups or one person companies. If you want to start a limited company you need a notary, because you need a public act.

The price for this service it is around 2000 euro (2776$), at some conditions you can start a "simplified" limited company, and in this case you pay nothing.

After notary you need to pay aroud 368 euro (510$) to the chamber of commerce for annual fees. Now you have your company and your VAT number.

But you haven't met your worst enemy yet, burocracy.

To follow every month-stupid-crazy-burocracy-thing you need an accountant, for an annual cost around 5000 euro (6942$/year).

Now you have a company and an accountant, you haven't earned nothing yet but you know that you are out of 7368 euro or 5368 euro with a "simplified" limited company (10229$ or 7453$).

But that's not all, you need to pay INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) from 270 euro/year (374$/year) and you need to pay INPS (National Istitute for Social Security).

Every shareholder that works for its company needs to pay INPS, for a minium cost of 3000 euro/year (4163$/year).

So after the first year, you have to pay at least around 8638 euro (12000 $) even if you haven't sold anything yet.

If you are an employee, you are not in a better condition. Your net wage it is around 50% of what your employer pay for you.

So if you take 1200 euro/month (1665$/month) your employer will pays around 2400 euro/month (3330$/month) for your wage and social security.

Now you can understand why Italy is 65th in the doing business ranking 2014.

Our very big problem

Sure we have other big problems but I think that our biggest problem is our political situation. Our chambers (parliament and senate) are very strange. 115 members on 854 are guilty of crimes from fraud to mafia.

We have a political system that cost too much, with too many people and that is far from be useful to its nation.

Marcello dell'Utri and Silvio Berlusconi

Marcello dell'Utri with Silvio Berlusconi.

One of the founder of Forza italia (Silvio Berlusconi's party), Marcello dell'Utri, was found guilty of mafia association and [he was locked in a Beirut hospital]( 'Marcello dell'Utri and Beirut holiday') for a international arrest warrant from italian justice.

But stop with pessimist, is there a little hope ?

Yes and no.

No because the problems are still the same from when I'm born. And every years the same answers come from politicians (we could do this, we should do that, we'll make this) but the problems still remain.

Yes, because hope is the last to die.

President Obama with Prime Minister Renzi

President Obama with our "Yes We Can men" Prime Minister Renzi

We can still be a great nation but in the meantime, if you are a young italian, and if you don't want to loose to many years to fight with windmills you can use google maps and look how big the world is and how many opportunities it has to offer.

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